During the early stages of Imperium’s growth there was a time that we may have been less selective than we are now. We take our time selecting members who have proven themselves in their ability to make sound decisions and treat their fellow members with dignity and respect. Making the right decisions is critical while choosing which path our organization will take in Star Citizen.

Being as large as Imperium is, we have found it necessary to build out a relatively robust set of Ranks, Roles, and other Positions in order to facilitate the daily operations of our Fleet, in and out of the verse. In Imperium, we respect the chain of command and work within our positions to keep things organized for our members.
The thought of coordinating such a large group of people can be daunting. However we have plans to keep mission planning and execution, simple and efficient. Imperium is lucky enough to have a very bright technical team and they have built a tool that will allow Imperium to draw up missions, allows our members to browse through the listed missions and opt-in to missions that they qualify for. Members will also have access to create their own personal missions and enlist help from other Imperium members.
Of course, having an intuitive missions creation system makes things quick and easy on paper but when it comes to getting things right in the verse it’s a different animal. For this reason Imperium currently spends resources on creating and delivering training material and content to our members so that they, and in turn Imperium, can succeed every step of the way. We are proud to claim that you can find Imperium members around the top of most leaderboards any given week and you can be there too if you choose to take advantage of our training programs.
What’s a unit? Imperium’s definition of a Unit boils down to this: A Unit is a smaller group of Imperium members that have similar in game interests, goals and play times that form an organized and relatively static group to complete missions and other in-game tasks. We’ve found that allowing members to create small niches for themselves allows for a very close knit feel while still being a contributing part of Imperium as a whole. As an example, Imperium has Units that want to focus on trade related missions, while other Unit’s may focus on escorting or exploration. You can probably imagine how these units could work together to support each other. Our aim is that working with familiar faces will lead to an increase in efficiency and enjoyability. Bear in mind this is not a required part of life in Imperium but it is there for those who wish to make use of this system.
Imperium’s technical team consists of some very skilled people. They are too modest to admit it but hey, they aren’t writing these things. Lucky for us, they’ve found time to improve Imperium in their own way. The Imperium Portal is in many ways the cornerstone of our organizational systems. We use the Portal for HR Management, Diplomacy Management, Mission Management, Training Management, The Unit System, and Divisional Application System. Imperium members will have unfettered access to the portal, it’s systems, and all the functionality it provides.



Imperium has been steadily growing since 2012 and we number into the thousands. Our size and global presence will allow us to operate at all times of the day. Statistically speaking, our member base is approximately 40% North American, 35% European, and the other 25% is spread throughout Australasia and other parts of the globe.


Where do we begin? Our asset numbers are shifting regularly but we encourage our members to keep their Portal profiles updated to indicate their current ship roster. This helps us keep a close eye on Imperium assets. As of November 2017 we have approximately 8000 ships. About 50% of those can be classified as Small Crafts, 24% can be classified as Medium Crafts, 24% can be classified as Large Crafts, and 2% can be classified at Capital Ships. With numbers like those we don’t worry about running out of ships too often.


North America




Australasia + Other



Capital Ships


Large Ships


Medium Ships


Small Ships




As soon as CIG gave us access to a playable universe we have put a high value on regular events and member engagement. Imperium holds a special event every month called “Imperium Game Day”. We host a stream, play Arena Commander, Star Marine, and in the Mini Persistent Universe, give away prizes to attendees and even create custom scenarios in which you can enjoy an in depth “mission” against an opposing team of Imperium members. The goal is to engage our members with fresh content while we patiently await the completion of Chris Robert’s dream.


Imperium has several competitive teams dedicated to representing the best that our members have to offer. These teams operate within Star Marine and Arena Commander tournaments with the goal of becoming some of the best players in Star Citizen. These teams require the ability to play well and communicate well. If you’re up to the task, then apply today. Applications for these teams are open and can be found on the forums.


Imperium’s staff is dedicated and respectful. They handle things such as processing applications, overseeing events, and moderation. Approach anyone with the Human Resources or Teamspeak Moderator tag and ask them for help if needed. If they can’t directly help then they will find someone who can.

Not clear on something? Come to the next LIVE Q&A where our staff will gladly take your questions and help bring you up to speed on the latest information we have to offer. We find it essential to have Imperium’s community as informed as possible. This improves forum interaction and the representation of our fleet on public forums and other star citizen related places of interaction.

The StarCitizenBase forums are a good place to discuss anything Star Citizen related. Official announcements, organization adjustments, events, and other Imperium related things are posted here. It is also a good place to read and comment on ideas and opinions regarding Star Citizen and related topics. With nearly 14,000 registered users, Imperium is proud of the growth that these forums have experienced.