Welcome to 2951!

(or 2021 as everyone else knows it)

If you are reading this, then congratulations, you made it!  Normally making it through another year might not seem like the greatest of accomplishments, but everyone knows by now, that 2020 was “no ordinary year.”  Whether it was the worst Pandemic in over a hundred years, or the unprecedented economic, political, and racial upheavals, some of which were caused by the Pandemic, while others sprung up all on their own and spread from various places across the world to seemingly everywhere else overnight, this past year was rough. Take a moment and let out the breath that some of you might have been holding, because we want to leave the past year behind us and talk now about the future.  We want to talk about 2951 (or 2021), and the future of Imperium.

As many of you know, we have used this space in the past to talk about what the various Divisions of Imperium have been working on, and planning for, but much of that was upended in the chaos of the past year as well.  That doesn’t mean that we aren’t still working on the systems that we think we will need to make Imperium stronger in the future, it just means that rather than focus on separate divisions, we want to use this space, and this time we have addressing you to talk about systems that will benefit all of Imperium. One silver lining that we discovered during the Pandemic (perhaps even because of it), is that more and more people have started logging in to Star Citizen. Starting with the exciting “Invictus Fleet Week” Event in late May, and continuing through patches 3.11 with the Squadron 42 Update, the “Day of Vara” Event, the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo and Anniversary Sale, and ending with the “Luminalia” Event and the release of Patch 3.12.  Now we have Idris-class Frigates patrolling the Stanton System, and incursions from “Xenothreat” on the horizon.  Truly this has been an exciting year for Star Citizen, and the most exciting part is how many of you have risen to the challenges to be found in the game, with more and more people logging on and playing Star Citizen than ever before… So many that even Chris Roberts called out the rise in player/server activity in his most recent “Letter from the Chairman”…  This is what we love to see!  For too long the Star Citizen Community as a whole has been in a semi-dormant state of “hibernation” while we waited for more of the game to be released, but now we are starting to see groups formed and events created spontaneously amongst players and we want to help.  

For those of you who have (more and more) been gathering on Imperium’s Discord Server, you should have already noticed the format and server changes, but have you also noticed the #server-roles channel where you can set a special “LFG” and “Events” status which will allow you to be pinged by @LFG and @Events when there are special announcements in those categories?  Speaking of events, have you checked out the #events channel where we hope to be posting more and more events for people to participate in as time (and interest) permits?  Have you had a chance to hang out in one of the (many) voice channels like the #SCB Lounge or #Imperium General that we’ve set up to give everyone a chance to both talk and chat more easily?

We have also started coordination with other Orgs focused on creating Star Citizen Events, both for the opportunity these groups offer to help us in creating content for our players, but also because of the chance they offer us to show-off what an awesome group of members we have and hopefully recruit even more people to fly under the banner of Imperium.  

Coming soon, we will have a dedicated staff member who will act as a point of contact for organizing and promoting future events for Imperium members to participate in, both individually and as part of a team. However, in order to make sure that we are focusing our efforts as effectively as possible in creating, promoting, and sponsoring the kind of content that you want to see, we also need to hear from YOU, and learn exactly the types of things you think would be fun to play, and when you want to play them. 

Towards that end, we have created a brief Survey that would let us know exactly what kind of content and features YOU want to see in the next year.  We also want to remind you to please keep your Portal Hangar up to date by listing your ships in the Portal Hangar System (found under “Me” and “My Hangar” from the link above) This will be important going forward, since we don’t want to create content that requires ships that aren’t available to us (or the people that we expect to participate in the event). 

Finally, we would like to invite everyone to join us for a Fleetwide meeting on our Imperium Discord Server at 16:00 UTC on January 23rd (watch the #imperium-announcements and #events channels on Discord or “Imperium Announcements and News” on SCB for more details), where we will answer and note as many questions as possible and discuss some of our plans for the future.  We look forward to seeing and maybe even playing alongside as many of you as possible in the upcoming year.

See you in the ‘verse!