Imperium has been building one of the largest structured organizations in Star Citizen since 2012. Imperium’s overall goal is to have fun in Star Citizen, however, this should not be mistaken to imply a casual in game presence. At launch, Imperium plans to acquire an area in fringe (null-sec) space to establish our operations and expand from there. We hope to find a beneficial location that will allow us to have a prosperous economy in the game enabling us access to a variety of materials. This will work as a trickle down effect, explorers to find the minerals, miners to extract, transports to move, and military to protect.
We will create a military force that strives to be second to none. While we may command large numbers, we won’t be superior for that fact alone. Training programs are under development for specific combat scenarios and professions in Star Citizen. Our fleet will be a home for any and all pilots that are like minded and willing to contribute to the organization.


Imperium was originally started back in 2012 when Founder and Fleet Commander Gallitin started a website that became starcitizenbase.com. This website was a reaction to the announcement of an upcoming video game called “Star Citizen” which was launched through a crowdfunding campaign.
At the time Star Citizen had no real forums to call its own, so Star Citizen Base (SCB) quickly became a home for a number of fans, allowing them to group together and discuss their passion for Chris Roberts’ previous work, as well as their hopes for the upcoming game. Eventually, these fans decided to band together and start their own “guild”, and with Gallatin’s help, this became the Organization that we now know as Imperium.


Yes we do, follow us on twitter for news about upcoming events, watch our streams on twitch or catch up on the action later with our video content:


Spectrum is still being developed and very basic. We would like to see the platform develop more and issues addressed before we consider a transfer from our Discord server that’s integrated with our website.

Imperium uses Discord, Teamspeak, and the StarCitizenBase forums. Being an Imperium member grants access to the official Imperium Discord and allows full Teamspeak permissions (both via the Portal) where the most active members of the community tend to hang out.

Imperium strives on being structured and giving people opportunities to do what they want to the extent they want. We have tight knit groups called units, Specialists helping in specific divisions, Officers leading, Flight instructors, etc. If it can benefit the members of Imperium, we provide it. If you want to help with anything we have or create something new, we support you to stand out from the crowd!

Glad you asked! You could join us on Teamspeak, Discord, or our Forums, Star Citizen Base.